The sweet, metallic taste of blood as it slides down my throat. A feeling like no other. The rush of warmth that spreads through my body with each swallow. It's intoxicating, addicting even. Watching the crimson liquid flow from their veins is like watching a beautiful red river of life. The way their face contorts in pain, yet pleasure, as I drink from them. It's an indescribable sensation that sends shivers down my spine. The power I feel as I take what I need, what sustains me. The way their heartbeat quickens as they grow weaker, their blood flowing faster to try and keep up with the demand. It's a parade of life and death that I am priviliged to conduct.
And as I watch them fade, I feel a sense of satisfaction that is unparalleled. The rush of ecstasy that comes from knowing that I am in control, that I am the predator and they are my prey. As they approach the end of their life, I give them one last kiss and draw their last breath into my lungs. Oh the sweet feeling of domination, of knowing that I am the one who holds their only life in my hands.


At the first glimmer of dawn, my safe place crumbles, and I am thrust back into a reality devoid of his comforting presence. An emptiness gnaws at me, an empty space where his love resided. It's a tortuous ache, a constant reminder of the life I have lost and the man I may never see again. Each night, I lie in my bed, my heart pounding with anticipation and dread. Will tonight be the night where we are reunited? Or will I be condemned to wander through the waking world, haunted by the memories of a life that was but a dream?
I never know if I will see him again, but the love I feel for the man in my dreams knows no bounds. It's a love that trancends time and reality as we know it. As I wait for nightfall, I cling to the hope that once more I will find peace in his arms and continue my life in the other realm.